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I am a fully qualified and insured Clinical, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist with further training in Pre and Post Natal treatments as well as  Cupping Therapy, Medical Acupuncture and others.

Massage has always been a passion of mine and my first insight into it was a short summer Shiatsu course back in 2006, also known as acupressure massage.

Although massage is still a big part of my practice since 2019 I have developed my work aiming for injury treatment and rehabilitation as well as injury prevention.

Working with a team of chiropractors and physiotherapists have allowed me a great experience treating upper and lower back pain, hip problems as well as ankle and knee issues. 

My own injuries and chronic pain issues were the reason why I became a therapist and that is a huge part of how I have developed and run a patient-centred practice. 

Jan 2024 - Listening 1 (assessment techniques VM)

Nov 2023 - Visceral Manipulation (VM4 - Thoracic)

May 2023 - Visceral Manipulation (VM2 - Abdomen)

Jan 2023 - Visceral Manipulation (VM1 - Abdomen)

Sep 2021 - Creighton Structural Massage

Jan 2021 - Medical Acupuncture

Oct 2020 -  Sports Taping

Sept 2020 - IASTM / RockbladeUK

Jan 2020 - Dry Cupping Therapy

Nov 2019 - Level 5 Sports, Clinical and Remedial Therapy

Nov 2018 - Manual Lymphatic Drainage

July 2018 - Pre and Post Natal Massage

May 2018 - Level 4 Sports Massage


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