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What is Soft Tissue Therapy and is it for me?

Soft Tisue Therapy aims to employ a number of advanced techniques to reestablish tissue length and health thus improving movement and quality of life. A soft tissue therapist can work independently to assess, treat and offer rehabilitation advice for people suffering a wide range of minor and chronic injuries caused by any lifestyle factor. As well as treating the injury they aim to identify the underlying causes and offer more long-term improvements in physical wellbeing.*

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through extensive training, I have developed a number of techniques to help my patients overcome chronic pain by improving circulation, establish the tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) healing process and ultimately improve quality of life. 

Every patient goes through a detailed assessment on their first appointment which allows me to deliver a fully customised course of treatment. 

A typical session might include anything from cupping to massage, stretches and even Medical Acupuncture. All techniques will be explained and discussed before application to make sure you are fully aware and comfortable with what is being done.

Whether you had this sort of treatment in the past or if you are a complete novice I aim to work with you to determine how best to help you achieve your goal, whether that is pain management, injury recovery, improving mobility, better energy and sleep or simply being able to let go of tension. 

Are there any contradictions?

*Yes, If you suffer or are being treated for one or more of the following you will need to speak to your GP before undertaking massage treatment


Cancer, Diabetes, High/Low Blood Pressure, Migraines, Joint Replacement, Fibromyalgia, Stroke, Heart Attack, Kidney Dysfunction, Blood Clot, Numbness, Sprains or Strains.


*Pre Natal Massage is only recommended within the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

*If you have a cold, the flu, significant fever or stomach bug of any kind your treatment MUST be delayed until you are fully recovered. 

*If you are experiencing flare-ups of skin conditions or inflammatory issues, you can still receive massage treatment but the area affected must be avoided.

COVID19 - anyone experiencing symptoms such as fever over 37.8C, new constant cough, loss of sense of taste and smell cannot be treated and a negative test result might be requested if you have recently shown any of those symptoms.







Where and When

You can find me at  CRATE Loughton on Wednesdays and Fridays, to book call 078 570 297 99 or book online on the 



Thursdays and Saturdays I am based at the LSM Clinic in Leyton, where I deliver treatments based on the Creighton Structural Massage. To book call 020 8185 7364.

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