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About my services

I use a unique mix of different skills to help people suffering with chronic pain as well as those recovering from injuries or who might need support with their training. 

During your first appointment, I will carry out a full assessment and every treatment will be planned to address your unique needs.

From musculoskeletal to visceral techniques, I put all my knowledge to work on every session to help you live as close to pain free as possible, and my goal is always to achieve that in a course of treatment as short as possible. 

Below you can read more about the different modalities I offer, although there is no need to book a particular modality, we will work out together what approach is the most suitable for you in the beginning of every session.

Sports Massage

despite the name, this modality of massage is suitable to most people, whether they regularly practice sports or not. The name usually indicates a deep tissue massage that aims to release muscle tension and improve one’s quality of movement. Whether you are looking for sports injury prevention, muscle and joint pain relief, posture improvement or tension release Sports Massage is a great option to work the tissues at a deeper level. 

Creighton Structural Massage

Creighton Structural Massage is a protocol for working with muscle and fascia developed over the past 15 years by LSM Clinic’s founder, Katherine Creighton Crook. 

It focuses on being strategic, specific and targeted with the techniques we use so we can bring the body back into balance. 


Instead of just finding tight muscles (usually where the pain is), and releasing them, we look at the whole body system from a mechanical perspective. 


We then apply our knowledge of how the body relates to itself to explore why the tissue got tight in the first place, and how we can prevent it from coming back in the future. 


Over the years, this has proven a very effective way to work with muscle and fascia-based problems. 

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Visceral Manipulation

This modality of fascial manipulation was developed by the Osteopath Jean Pierre Barral and is fast becoming a key technique in my work. 

The fascia (connective tissue that starts in our organs and intertwines with with muscles and different parts of the body) is a at the root of so many persistent mobility issues.

This modality is gentle and pain free, though is can be uncomfortable at times. 

Visceral Manipulation is highly effective for countless muscle and joint problems issues and can also improve digestion, breathing and other organ functions.

Remedial and Clinical Massage

advanced-level treatment modalities that aim to heal and rehabilitate poor quality or injured tissue. A session might include massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques, stretches, exercises and others. The aim is to improve the tissue quality and help heal mild to chronic pain, including but not limited to back pain, joint pain, tension headaches and others. 

Dry Cupping Therapy

this ancient modality of tissue manipulation is used to improve circulation, movement and tissue healing. The vacuum cups offer a negative pressure to the area where applied to offer what feels like deep pressure without the discomfort or “pokyness” of a deep tissue massage. Dry Cupping can be used as a stand-alone therapy, as part of massage and even with active or passive stretches to release areas of great tension and/or pain. I use this technique for self-treatment on a regular basis and it’s safe to say that 99% of my patients are total cupping converts as the results achieved with this modality of treatment are just fantastic!

Medical Acupuncture

this western approach to ancient Chinese acupuncture has been developed for pain and trigger point release and it is widely used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries by specialists such as Soft Tissue Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths etc. Most of the time Medical Acupuncture is pain-free but as always, the communication between patient and therapist is primordial here for the success of this treatment. I particularly like to use needles for issues such as tension headaches, chronic muscle tightness and chronic injuries that might have stopped healing due to poor local circulation.

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Can reduce back and joint pain as well as oedemas. Improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and headaches. Regular massage therapy during pregnancy and after birth can improve sleep and mental health  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

can help decrease swelling after surgery or injury, improve the immune system and hormone balance as well as promote relaxation.

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